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Animals Home Alone

Author: Loes Riphagen
Illustrator: Loes Riphagen
Part picture book, part game, and all fun, Animals Home Alone, introduces readers to fifteen animals who begin to act in unusual ways when the humans are away,. In wordless pages, each animal finds a unique activity or bit of mischief to get into. At the book's conclusion, readers are asked questions about what the animals have done.

When a little girl and her father leave their house, the animals left behind start to take over. The cat immediately goes to the phone to call a friend and the fish leaves his bowl looking for a new place to live. Dogs routinely look for shoes to chew, but this dog is looking for shoes to wear! A bear climbs out of a painting on the wall and finds trouble when he turns the TV on. The elephant the little girl drew comes to life and starts to gather everything yellow he can. A pig gets hungry, a bird takes on irksome moths, a rabbit finds love, and cockroaches run wild in this imaginative book from an exciting young author.

A fun book for all that encourages children to spot and remember changes large and small, each re-reading of this book will yield new discoveries!

Tags: Animals, Humor

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